Warlighters vs Zen Dynamics
Vital statistics
Event Clan War between Warlighters and Zen Dynamics
Date October 25th, 2012 to December 9th, 2012.
Participants Warlighters, Zen Dynamics
Challenger Zen Dynamics
Challenged Warlighters
Games Played 3-2 games abandoned
Won by Challenger 0
Won by Challenged 3
Results Zen Dynamics won 0 games.
Warlighters won 3 games.
Winner Warlighters was the winner of the Clan War between Warlighters and Zen Dynamics.
Effects None for the community in general, a morale boost in the Clan of Warlighters.

On 10/25/12, Zen Dynamics challenged The Clan of Warlighters to a series of games: 4 1v1 games, 2 2v2 games and 1 3v3 game. It was a friendly challenge; not based on rivalry or emnity.

Zen-D failed to win a single game, and after their lack of input suggesting settings for the 3v3 game, it was abandoned. They never made their 2v2 game, meaning that was abandoned too. However, it made no difference to the overall result, as they could not come back from a 3-0 lead by Warlighters.

The result had no big effects on the WarLight community in general, only morale boost in Warlighters.