As fascism was dictatorial, the Fascist Confederation will be controlled completely by Jokester. If you are already in clan, you are welcome to join my clan, on


the condition that there is no animosity between (among) our clans. You are also required to oppose any communist, "nice/fun", or Juggernaut clans. To qualify, you need to beat me in the map "European Borders." Since this match is ranked, be prepared. This is a very recent clan, so I will be keeping everybody updated on the clan.

ATTENTION; This is all a load of rubbish, if you want a decent clan pick any other clan on this wiki!

Our clan tag is going to be {TheFC}

Current Members (without clan tag):

  • Jokester
  • Stop abusing the Juggernaut clan :(
  • I challenge you!
  • 12 VS 13

i mean 10 v5

ur 5 im 10 k?