The Clan of Warlighters known simply as Warlighters is a WarLight clan. It was created on 21/11/11, making it the 4th oldest clan. They are led by General Arun. The clan is willing to take part in any friendly clan games, tournaments, or leagues; although the clan itself is not aggressive. The Clan of Warlighters has its own separate website. In addition, they are part of the WJC (Warlighter Juggernaut Confederation), with their allies, the Juggernauts.


Almost anybody is allowed to apply for a position in the clan; there are no prerequisites apart from a maximum boot rate of 10%. All the recruit has to do is show they can play well by engaging the recruitment officer (a Prolighter) in a tryout game. They do not have to win the game; all the Prolighters will vote on where they are placed.


All members must have the {Warlighter} or {Lighter} tag and join the clan website. If a member is inactive for a period of 20 days without explaination, they are excluded from the clan.



Warlighters has a lower tier known as Lighters. If a player fails the tryout, then they can join Lighters (wearing the {Lighter} tag). After twenty days (from when they can change their name), they can apply again to become a Warlighter. They can retryout as many times as they want.


Warlighters make up the main body of the clan.


The clan has an elite tier, Prolighters. This is for the very best of the clan, and more often then not will represent the clan in inter-clan competitions. They also vote on where new recruits are placed.


Warlighters regularly holds in-clan tournaments. They also have tournaments only open to them and their allies, the Juggernauts and they make tournaments for the main WarLight body, which they occasionally use to advertise. The clan has a team in most open tournaments and they compete in all clan only competitions.

Inter-Clan ActivityEdit

  • Lost a clan war against P.
  • Won a battle against Br.
  • Lost a best of 9 series with RSP.
  • Lost a very close clan war with REGL.
  • Came tenth in the first Clan League.
  • Came fith in the second Clan League.
  • Currently first in the WCRS.