The clan belt is a WarLight clan version of the boxing belts people win after a fight. One clan will hold the belt and all bragging rights that go with it while other clans take it in turns to challenge the Belt holders to a match. If they win they will become the new belt holders. Clans must have enough members (4) to enter.

  • Challenge game are made by the belt holders.

  • Just like the boxing this is an ongoing “tournament” and will never finish (unless of course the interest for it dies)

For your Clan to gain true legendary status you would need to win 10 challenges and then you can retire unbeaten passing on the title to the winner of the next two clans on the list


  1. After a match is finished it’s the new/reigning Belt Holders responsibility to post the result and game link on the forum thread.
  2. The Belt holder must invite the next person on the list
  3. The Belt holder must keep the list up to date
  4. The Belt holder may choose the map and settings. Only restriction is that it must be 4v4 and the map must have more than 16 bonuses.
  5. Boot times- must be 5 day auto boot no holidays - so clans need to play with members not going away in the near future
  6. Drafting in players just to play is illegal.

It is also strongly encouraged for the Reigning Belt holder to mix up their team members for each battle. Changing at least 2 out of the 4 is recommended unless of course they only have 4 members in total. Clans that have more than 4 members but don’t change around their teams will be frowned upon by other clans.

Clan Belt TimelineEdit



  • 23rd - Clan belt created and taken by RP. Challenges issued by Warlighters and REGL .
  • 24th - Challenge issued by CPU
  • 28th - P states their lack of interest and boycots the belt. V.I.W. issues a challenge.


  • 12th - RP defeat Warlighters, and bring their reign to one win.
  • 16th - Warlighters issue a challenge.