Symbol of [T4R]-02-0000-02-0000 - The Fourth Reich.

[T4R] was created by [T4R Heisenberg] and [T4R fuhrer] in the summer of 2013. 

About [T4R]Edit

[T4R] is a casual Warlight clan and we accept anyone who wishes to join us. We have varying specifications for joining, we have a .webs page and a Facebook group if one would wish to join us. With the release of Warlight 2.0, it has become an aim to be able to get the feat of creating 24-player games without a membership, mainly diplomacies.

T4R is now an official clan, having bought membership and has members capable of creating large games with custom scenario. It is very lenient with recruitment but will not tolerate booters, game riggers and general dicks.


The clan itself is only a couple months old (currently late September) but our membership has risen to the realms between 12 and 18, its always hard to keep track. We often host diplomacies and welcome all players to join us.


To see members check clan page: