{rp}: The Warlight Roleplayers Guild

Aliases {rp}, Roleplayers, Revered Pharoes, Rotten Pickles, Restless Psions.
Group Numbers 8
Leadership Structure Enlightened Despotic Democracy
Figurehead The War for {rp} has not yet finished.
Goals Roleplaying, Experimenting with new game types, Strategic Improvement, Clan Battles, Fun!
Recruitment Policy Invitation Only
Contact {rp} Forum

{rp} is an invitation-only Warlight Clan. It hosts many games for it's members and strangers alike, often with unique rules or twists, and nearly always with good, fun roleplaying themes. Strategic Games are also played, with battles against other clans and interclan fights to improve the skills of it's members.

Why Join?Edit

Whilst {rp} is closed, it invites it's closest allies and friends into it's embrace. If you enjoy roleplaying and can communicate elegantly, you are most likely eligible to join.

How do you join? A member must invite you - Express your interest to one of us!

Why should you join? Priority Picking in {rp} games, a chance to be a part of a close-knit, expanding group of good players. We join tournaments together and have been known to battle the other clans of Warlight. We enjoy Diplomatic Roleplaying FFA's and play many of these.

How do you contact us? Invite us to a game!

Member StatusEdit

Ranks, Titles and Territories will be added here as each member earns them.

The WarEdit

A civil war is currently underway between Octavianus and General Mac for the title of Emperor of {rp}. Their minions battle across a range of arenas to aquire land and honour.

Match 1Edit

General Mac dispatched Gnullbegg and Roland Atreides to defeat Octavianus' minions, Discord and Hammer.

Octavianus' forces won, but honourably allowed their foes to fight another day in return for choice of the next battlefield

Match 2Edit

Octavianus has yet to arrange the battlefield

Friends, Enemies, AccomplishmentsEdit

Allies and FriendsEdit

Enemies and RivalsEdit

None yet.

The Great SagasEdit


Ancient HistoryEdit

{rp} was formed in a time of dismay. The Eternal Kings had grown bored with their life, their power and their people. the Kings grew restless, their power absolute but never tested. Chaos and war broke out as the Eternal Kings, in need of breaking their bordedom did battle. The land was thrown into an age of darkness and joy was lost. It was at this time that three noble WeaponThanes from rival Kingdoms forged an alliance. Through blood and spirit they made an oath to tame this conflict and protect the people. The {rp} Games were born. A bizzare twist on world politics, the three blood-brothers persuaded the Kings to accept peace and instead challenge each other in the {rp} Games - A bizarre and macabre strategic tournament.

Since this time the brotherhood has evolved and spread to every continent on the globe, with strange and unusual games being played in basements, alleys, castles and palaces alike.

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