[P] is a WarLight clan created by Jsa11111. It was started on February 25th, 2012 , the same day as the clan X. It currently stands for Progressive pending a vote on potentially changing the name. The goal of the plan is to take players and help them to improve their skill in WarLight. Its original leader, Jsa would end up resigning from the clan nine months later and does not show the [P] tag anymore.


Recruitment for [P] was slow early on because the high standards meant that few were able to enter the clan. In the beginning, there were only six members for the first few months. Then Jsa started to actively recruited members and [P] ended up quickly grow to around 15 members. Since then, the number of members have been fluzuating with a few members leaving or retiring from Warlight while a few more had joined to keep [P] in a consistent state which led [P] to have around twelve active members at the time.

Jsa LeavesEdit

Around October of the same year, Jsa decided to step down as leader to go join Apex while planning on giving control to ChrisCMU, a very active, relatively new member to the clan. This plan was derailed when ChrisCMU decided to leave [P] in order to form a new clan with many former members of [P]. The new clan is WG, which at first was comprised of five players that had left [P]. They are still friendly with [P] however and are willing to offer help or just play fun games with members of [P].


Currently the clan is operating with fewer then ten players remaining in it, but with no current leadership having been decided.











jsa11111(WG Member)

ChrisCMU  (WG Member)

Lolowut (WG Member)

Qaqa (Retired from P)

Swift ([WG] Member)

[P]layer_rxb (retired)(Retired from Warlight)

edkrak(Retired from P)

Beastmode (Retired from Warlight)