New World Order

New World Order is a relatively new WarLight сlan created on December 2015 originally made up of former [1]Knights Templar members. The clan is friendly, and particularly looks for active players with moderate to high skill who know how to play well as a team. Most members of the clan have a particular love for Rise of Rome, but are happy to play other maps as well. The clan's leaders are Mega Kracko, Benny Simi, and Veloces, and former leader TheVPBlade.

Activity, friendliness and at least moderate or decent skill are prerequisites in joining the clan.

[2]THE PLAGUE (Retired)
[3]Keyser Soze
[9]Gustaf Mannerheim
[10]darth banana
[14]Dark Lord I
[15]Mega Kracko (Cm)
[16]Benny Simi (Cm)
[19]Hououin Kyouma
[24]Suter Empire
[27]Sir Broiler
[28]Veloces (Cm)
[30]Angry AI


  • New World Order placed first in Clan League division E.
  • New World Order has a very active, non clan-exclusive Skype group.
  • New World Order was formed by Pichu and TheVPBlade.