[M.C.] is a group of players which specialize in team games, especially 3v3s. They are led by ARC-77. The clan was started on 7/21/12. If you ask any current member about joining they will get you in contact with the correct members.


Here is the text that appears in the profile's of most of [M.C.]'s members:

"[M.C.] is a group of friendly players specializing in team games, especially 3v3s. Feel free to ask any of us if you want to join. Pre-requirements are: 40%+ win rate in 3v3s, less than 15% boot rate and having a friendly personality in-game."

Here is a list of the current members:

Last updated: January 16th, 2013

Those members with a * have been inactive as of recent

Those members with a # are WarLight members

Members inactive more than 30 days:

  • [M.C.]mikezer</li>
  • [M.C.]rawrock</li>
  • [M.C.]killer_bad</li>
  • [M.C.]autopack</li>