Last Men Standing

Intro and History 

Last men standing is a New team on warlight founded on the 1st december 2012 founded by MasterMind with help from Big dog. They aim to remain a small team, with no more then 12 members.

Objective Edit

To enjoy more quality gaming playing tournments and games together. Geting to know each other and helping the communtiy. Also learning from one another and teaching one another. and become a strong team on warlight. Playing for FUN :)

Recruitment Edit

INVITATION ONLY-To get into the clan you have to tell one of are members that you are intrstead and then we will decide wheather you can  join. Also if we invite you to join you have the decision. After this you will play a series of recruitment games with us including 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 on differnet maps and settings. games

Who are weEdit

We are a good player team only (no noobs) this will be decide if you are good enought in recruitment. We are team which has similar ability and some different standing out though. 


LMS#   -    'e.g LMS# MasterMind, however all of us have it in our tagline.