The Icelandic Turtles is a Warlight Clan created on October 10, 2013. The Icelandic Turtles are noted for their high restrictions, competitive atmosphere, and small size. Their leader is Socially Aggressive Dolphin.


The Icelandic Turtles have recently become the subject of great controversy, especially among members of the Master clan and Illuminati clan. Master L got upset with Socially Aggressive Dolphin, insulting his use of hashtags on the Icelandic Turtles Recruitment Thread. Ironically, the thread devolved into a hashtag war, with players such as Nebuchadnezzar II, Hidden Hand, and Hauptmann getting involved.

Socially Aggressive Dolphin got embroiled in another fight later with Hidden Hand, the leader of the Illuminati clan, with Hidden Hand calling Socially Aggressive Dolphin "pathetic", and Socially Aggressive Dolphin referring to the Illuminati clan as a "band of lickspittles". Tension has died down since then, but there still remains an air of distrust among the two clans.

Skill LevelsEdit

The Icelandic Turtles have notably harsh requirements, with a 60% 1v1 win rate and an 8% minimum boot rate necessary to join. Because of the low amount of players who fulfill both requirements, the Turtles have recently decided to allow players to join with lower requirements than this, however, these players are put into the lowest level, the "Grunt" level. If a player only barely makes the rankings, they are put into the "Soldier" level. If a player is clearly skilled far above the requirements, they are put into the "General" level. The top player in the clan has his own title, "Underboss". There is also a "Head Honcho" level, which is exclusive to their leader, Socially Aggressive Dolphin.

Inter-Clan Activity Edit

This clan has not competed against any other clan yet. It is rumored, however, that Socially Aggressive Dolphin wants to wage war with the Master Clan & the Illuminati Clan.