The Clan Fifth Column Confederation was found by BlackJackTalon on January 2013. Its aim is to gather up some people who likes to chat, and play together. It seems to be the first clan of 2013 in WarLight.


Fifth Column Confederation members always look after each other. Yet we have 9 members:

  • BlackJackTalon / Napoleon
  • Spetsnaz
  • Amoxcillin
  • mjc07e
  • Seminoles
  • AitorUrribari
  • Chairman Ma
  • majesticunicorn
  • racks21


The Fifth Column Confederation doesn't need any prequisites, you probably will get an invite if your play is good but also chat is good...

How we connect?Edit

Fifth Column Confederation has a forum where members can enjoy chatting and reading in forum. the link is below

Fifth Column Confederetion

Anyone can join by clicking the little "Sign Up" button above =)

Thanks for your time =)

FCC Chie Entertainer "Spetsnaz"