The Brazilian National Team, represented by [BR] ou simply BR, was formed at 03/10/2012, by the initiative of eddieh4rry and durangotig, formers Living Dead Dogz [LDD] .

In his statement , eddieh4rry said:

(...)Aiming a community growth and another small projects, like hosting, taking part in tournaments and create brazilian related maps, the LDD are now dead. LDD are going to be the Brazilian National Team [BR] in a few days.
(...)Every brazilian player is able to join the сlan, even the noobs. We'll try to improve our skills together, making regular matches, and of course, teach the good way of playing warlight: communication, rare use of boot and friendship.
We take Warlight in a serious way. Not a competitive one, because we'll never want to be agressive generals. Our serious way is to keep this game a great one. (...)

The founding members are: