[300] Edit

Madness? This is Sparta. This is [300] clan of Spartans. Created 1st August 2013, by King MilkAholic The 1st. Co-founder his brother Warrior. The clan has fully set up it's policy's and recruitment, we are just looking now for members: please take a look to see if your interestead.

Who we areEdit


The Clan was set up by two, Greek/British players, both Brothers. This is MilkAholics first account, but Warrior has had an account before, however he does not tell me the name -.- and he's forgten the password, however he was a good player and has trainined me well. It is simple the clan is made upon the 300 film realated to Sparta. We are not geting 300 members btw. o.O maybe?

Clan objective and activities:Edit

Our objective is to grow and be a strong solid clan, and improve as individulas and teamplayers. Activities will be a key to training tournments will be 1v1, 2v2 and tourney's against others. We will play clan battles, games and many others. Leagues will be set up for ranking, and you maybe promoted by it.

Recruitment and Policy'sEdit

To be a spartan of 300 you have to pass the millitary training. The structure of the clan is run closly to spartan and ancient greek.

Stage 1 of recruitment: What were looking for:Edit

  • Low boot
  • Communication
  • Teamwork Skill
  • Individual skill

Stage 2: Requirments:Edit

  • Boot rate: 10% or lower
  • Skill: Intermediate and Advanced
  • Basic Language: English
  • Active and nice players.

Stage 3: Individual skill:Edit

  • A 1v1 match against a Member (Strategic 1v1) Multi-day

Stage 4: Teamwork Skill:Edit

  • A 2v2 match with a Member ( Strategic 2v2) Multi-day

Stage 5: AnalysisEdit

  • The Recruiters and the King discuss the players ability's and skill level
  • The King says Yes or No.

Stage 6: VotingEdit

  • All members in the clan, Vote on them joining.
  • If they have more votes to join, they are in.

Stage 7: Graduation:Edit

  • The [300] tag goes on your Tagline
  • The members list on your profile
  • And you will be invited to clan chat

Stage 8: Role:Edit

  • You are then given a role of either: (in order of best)
  1. Commander
  2. Captain
  3. Spartan Elite or Move to the leading roles of scholer
  4. Spartan frontline Soldier
  5. Spartan soldier
  6. Spartan Reserves
  7. Worker

If you do not get in the clan: We will decide whether to put you on the training spartan list.

Leading roles:Edit

  1. King
  2. Advisor
  3. Head Scholer
  4. Scholer

You get promoted up the 300 clan roles by either:

  • Helping out
  • Being the most active
  • Most skillful
  • And more


If you want to join ask the King.