[20] was created to be the first league on WL, grouping together 60 of the best WL players for the following purposes:

  1. Camaraderie: (a) to become better friends with other good players and (b) to bring together circles of players from real-day, multi-day, and ladder games.
  2. Better Games: if the best players have better relationships, real-time games, multi-day games, tournaments, and ladder games could all be more interesting.
  3. League Play: WL lacks a comprehensive ranking system and the ladders only provide ratings for each particular ladder. In an attempt to fill this void, [20] will rank its plays based on the results of league play.
  4. To Learn: (a) finding the best new talent and helping them improve and (b) teaching old dogs new tricks are also important.


Unlike the WL member 1v1 ladders, the [20] Ladder will be (a) a best of 3 series, (b) challenge-based, and (c) a measure of overall 1v1 skills (different maps & settings will be used).

Initial Ranking

The initial ranking will be based on the results of two intra-clan round-robin tournaments and the WL members' 1v1 Ladder. This is an ad hoc solution to get started.

1-5: The top 5 in a 20-player [20] 1v1 tournament.
5-6: The top 2 (if different from the top 5) in a 9-player [20] 1v1 tournament.
8-20: The top 13 on the 1v1 ladder.

A Challenge-Based Ladder: Who Can You Challenge?

  1. Each ranked player can only challenge somebody within 2 spots: [6] can challenge [4] but not [3].
  2. You can only challenge people ahead of you on the ladder.
  3. Unranked players can only challenge the player ranked [20]: win and you are [20].

Challenges: Procedure

  1. Challenger creates game and invites Player 2.
  2. Challenger posts game invitation on WL Forum (to verify a challenge has been made).
  3. Player 2 accepts the challenge: they play.
  4. Player 2 does not accept the challenge: the two players swap ranks (ie, Challenger 'wins').

Choosing the Map & Settings

Game 1: Challenger (Player 1).
Game 2: Incumbent (Player 2).
Game 3: Neutral Map/Settings: 1v1 Auto Game (or other agreed upon map/settings) .

Ladder Movement

Challenger wins: (Wins-losses) X (Difference in Rank/2). 1/2 is rounded up to 1.
Higher ranked player wins 2-0: Winner gains 1 spot; loser loses 1.
Higher ranked player wins 2-1: No changes (this is the expected result).

Examples of Ladder Movement

[3] beats [1] 2-0. (2-0) X ((3-1)/2) = 2. [3] gains 2 spots; [1] loses 2 spots.
[5] beats [4] 2-1. (2-1) X ((5-4)/2) = 1/2 (rounded to 1). [5] gains 1 spot; [4] loses 1.

Keeping Track of It All: WL Forum

Once each best of 3 series ends, one of the players must update the thread about this ladder on the WL forum, including:

  1. Links to the 2-3 games played.
  2. The new, updated ladder rankings.