CPU (Chill Players Union) was founded in July '12 by Bigby and Gman333- Bigby was a previous member of [WM] and Gman was previously REGL- with enormous amounts of input from the initial starting members. The premise of their union is finding reliable Tournament partners. The majority of their group had already searched each other out in tournament play so it was a natural evolution to form a "clan" thereby making it easier for them to find each other and to reserve a spot. While they do participate in some "clan" activities- that is not the primary focus of the group. They currently have 24 members.


They are always looking for new quality players. Any CPU can sponsor you- just have your sponsor start a 2v2 with Bigby and Gman so we can get to know you- or if you have no sponsor start a 1v1 with Bigby directly. Although every situation is unique and negotiable- what they are normally looking for is a reasonable amount of seasoning- 200+ games, a decent win% (no hard # as everybody has a different learning curve), and most importantly a low boot rate. It's hard to win playing with an AI!